Bjarke Rink Garden

Come take a nature bath at Desempenho.

Bjarke Rink continues to inspire us at the Desempenho farm. On September 22, 2018, we started the Bjarke Rink Garden project. A project of the Homo-Caballus Institute, founded by Bjarke. The garden aims to strengthen the human connection with nature. It’s a space to sit and feel, take a “forest bath”, listen to the birds and the wind in the leaves, watch the mares drink water, meditate, do yoga and observe nature. It’s a space that defines the “spirit of place” (or “sense of place”) of Fazenda Desempenho. The garden is close to Bjarke and Mara’s house and is the final resting place of the founding mares of Desempenho’s Mangalarga Marchador troop: the matriarch Andorinha, her daughter Conquista and her granddaughter Origem (line O). We are planting trees, orchids and bromeliads that are being donated by the “Desempenho family”. In June of this year we inaugurated the Sun Trail and we are going to implement more trails that lead to more places of contemplation. Several supporters of the Homo-Caballus Institute have already donated benches and we’ve started doing some yoga sessions.