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Archery on horseback

THE MOUNTED ARCHERY has been practiced since the Iron Age and originated in Asia. Nomadic peoples of the steppes such as the Scythians, Parthians, Sarmatians, Huns and Mongols used it for hunting and warfare. Great empires were conquered with the help of mounted archers, until the use of firearms made the practice obsolete.

Aptitude, Ability and Courage

It resurfaced in the 20th century in Asia as a sport and then spread to Europe and the United States. The first mounted archery clinic in Brazil was given by US champion LUKAS NOVOTNY at Desempenho Farm in 2006. The clinic was a success and we had our first 10 archers graduate, one of them with a master’s degree.

Since then, we have had clinics with LUKAS NOVOTNY and HOLM NEUMANN, who have trained our archers and formed new classes. Other centers in Brazil have also been formed. Our archer Massae Hayakawa has represented Brazil in several international mounted archery tournaments in Europe, Asia and the USA.
Today, Desempenho offers one-off lessons every weekend and regular courses in bareback riding for archery, ground archery and horse archery, with specially trained animals and bows of different powers for riders of all ages.
Flexible programs with daily classes during the vacations and every weekend.

  • Leveled classes for archery on the ground and on horseback.
  • Preparatory riding lessons without reins.

For those interested in the fascinating history of men and horses, Bjarke Rink’s books are well worth checking out.


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