Why iHoca

The Homo Caballus Institute (iHOCA) was founded by Mara and Bjarke Rink and other founding partners, with the intention of leaving a legacy for future generations.

iHOCA’s main mission is to

promoting the partnership between man and horse for the well-being of both and for the sustainable development of the Cachoeiras de Macacu region.

Aptitude, Ability and Courage

The Homo-Caballus Institute (iHOCA) aims to:

  • promoting the science of riding, equestrian culture and the human-horse symbiosis

  • promote the development and democratization of horse riding as a physical, therapeutic and leisure activity, and equestrianism as an educational and performance sport, including helping to train future generations of athletes, coaches and instructors.

  • promote ecotourism, outdoor life and sustainable development in the Cachoeiras de Macacu region

Uma sela antiga (Ariane Janér)

To this end, iHOCA seeks to develop projects in the following areas:

  • equine therapy
  • Riding and citizenship
  • Riding as a means of encouraging young people to discover the outdoor life
  • sustainable development of the tourist destination of Cachoeiras de Macacu.
  • equestrian culture
  • conservation and environmental education


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