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Vacation Camp

Imagine a place where:

Adventures and Fun with and without a Horse

During the vacation season we organize our “Holiday with a Horse” camps. Due to the fun program and variety of equestrian and non-equestrian activities, they are a hit with riders and non-riders alike.

We strive to offer children and teenagers a unique experience. As well as having fun, they will have an opportunity to understand the natural world and learn to exercise responsible leadership, independence and cooperation;

This place exists and it's an hour and a half from Rio de Janeiro.

Equestrian activities:

In short, we aim to teach our students to become centaurs and nature lovers.

Leveled classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders, Class content:

  • Beginners: Beginners and basic riding;
  • Intermediate and advanced: dressage and jumping, cross-country, archery on horseback.
    We encourage learning through competitions and gymkhanas

Everyone will also learn about horse management, relationships and caring for foals and horses, and we will organize theoretical classes and surveys;

Outdoor Activities, Creativity and Fun

We have many other outdoor activities such as hiking and biking trails in the woods and mountains; swimming in pools, rivers and waterfalls, camping and orienteering games in nature. Soccer, volleyball and games such as chair dancing and police-thief.

We promote creativity through art, recycling, gardening and cooking workshops.

And there’s no shortage of fun: we organize bonfires, music, theater, dance, hikes and games in the evenings.

For those who want to learn more about equestrian culture, we have a library and video library.


The children and teenagers are accompanied at all times by our team of monitors. In riding lessons they are accompanied by our experienced instructors. The activities and lessons are tailored to the group’s profile and riding level.

Vacation Camp and Parents

Parents are welcome to accompany their children and/or take part in activities. Our structure allows you to accompany your child “from a distance”.


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