Desempenho Riding School


We see horses as partners and prioritize their well-being.

Our Equine Family

Most of the horses that live at Fazenda Desempenho are bred, started and trained by us and are of the Mangalarga Marchador breed. We have been breeding for over 30 years and see horses as one big family. Recently, we decided to stop breeding horses, but before we stopped we bred some Lusitano horses and also a mixture of Lusitano and Mangalarga Marchador. Through our partner Caminhos Mata Atlântica we have access to Paso Peruviano horses, which are very good for trail rides.

We also have some donated horses of various origins, which have been retrained.

Most of our horses live in separate groups of males and females in pastures with ample access to water. They can interact with each other or with humans.

Foto: As éguas pastando (Ariane Janér)

Some horses live in paddocks or in a combination of stalls and paddocks. We do this for boarded horses and also for some of our own horses, who haven’t adapted well to life in a troop.

Every morning they are called in for breakfast. This allows our handlers to check that everyone is well and also to sort out the horses that are going to take part in the day’s lessons.

We teach our students how to clean, bridle, unbridle, bathe and generally help with the horses under the supervision of our handlers.

This natural management in favor of the horse results in reliable and happy horses.

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