Cachoeiras de Macacu

How to get there

The Desempenho farm is on Estrada Antônio José, km 5, Faraó in Cachoeiras de Macacu

The entrance to Estrada Antônio José is at km 32 on the RJ 116 (Itaboraí – Nova Friburgo). There is a sign for Desempenho.

Follow the sign to the Desempenho Farm

From Rio de Janeiro, you can get to the Fazenda via two routes (we’ve marked them on Google Maps):

1. Via Rio - Niterói Bridge

Rio – Niterói- Itaboraí – Cachoeiras de Macacu (RJ 116). Turn right at km 32 (before reaching Cachoeiras de Macacu). There is a Performance sign. Continue until km 5 where there is a sign for Desempenho, turning left.

This is the shortest route (98 km), but there may be more traffic and it is not always the fastest.

2. Via the Red Line

Rio – Duque de Caxias – exit towards Teresópolis (BR493 and BR116) leaving at Parada Modelo (RJ122), turning right when you reach RJ 116 (towards Itaborai). At km 32 on the RJ 166 (after the bridge over the river), turn left. There is a Desempenho sign. Continue until km 5 where there is a Desempenho sign, turning left.

It’s the longest route (115 km), but it’s much more beautiful because it passes under the Serra do Mar and has less traffic.

Vista da Serra do Mar com Pedra do Garrafão da RJ-122 (foto Ariane Janér)


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