Desempenho Riding School

What should I bring?

The Desempenho Farm is located in a rural area and you will be in contact with nature at all times. In general, the climate is mild, but from November to March there is more rain and higher temperatures. From April to October there can be cooler nights and less rain.

Foto: Vista do entorno da pista de grama

So here’s what you should bring:

INDISPENSABLE for everyone

  • Long BOOTS or short boots with a low heel;
  • Riding CULOTTES, comfortable jeans, leggings and long cycling pants;
  • Helmet for horseback riding; protective vest for horseback riding
  • T-shirts or cotton shirts; warm clothing;
  • sandals or slippers; sneakers;
  • Bag for dirty clothes and single plastic bags;
  • Cap; shorts; bathing suit;
  • Sunscreen; repellent; flashlight;
  • Toiletries and personal hygiene materials;
  • Unbreakable bottle or mug with your name on it, for drinking water (we don’t use disposable cups)

It is obligatory to wear a Helmet and Protective Vest for Horse Riding


  • Bed linen (pillowcase, cover sheet) and sleeping bag,
  • 2 bath towels,
  • Children with allergies should bring their own pillow and duvet.

We provide lining sheets.


  • Long rubber boots or rain boots;
  • those wearing short boots should bring leggings or soccer socks to protect their legs;
  • Gloves;
  • Shorts or cycling pants should be worn under long pants or culottes on long-distance rides.


All clothing, bedding and personal items, including boots and helmets, must be marked with the child’s name and the first letter of their surname.

We suggest using a pen suitable for fabric, with ink that won’t wash off. Collaborate to make it easier to return anything that has been forgotten.

Children should take part in packing their luggage so that they know what they are bringing; we ask that they do not bring any valuables or toys; everyone should bring any medication they normally use;

Money exchanged for purchases in the canteen can be brought in a sealed envelope, with the child’s name and the amount, and given to the monitor on arrival;

Helmets are compulsory for all classes and vests for jumping classes, but we have several sizes available to lend to beginners who don’t have one yet.

The registration form for minors must be printed out, signed by the person responsible and handed to the instructor on arrival. This is a condition for taking part in the activities.

Where to buy Hispism material

In store : Decathlon in Barra de Tijuca or Maison du Cavalier in Hípica da Lagoa.

Online  :  



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