Desempenho Riding School

Philosophy & Approach

Imagine a place where:

  • horses, humans and nature meet.
  • you learn to ride lightly and in harmony with the horse.
  • you have fun outdoors and learn about nature.
  • you can learn about equestrian history and culture.

This place exists and it's an hour and a half from Rio de Janeiro.

  • The Desempenho Farm is an equestrian center in Cachoeiras de Macacu (RJ), which was founded in 1990 by Bjarke and Mara Rink. The farm is home to a Riding School, an Atlantic Forest Reserve and iHOCA – Instituto Homo Caballus, an institute for equestrian and environmental studies.

  • The school offers year-round riding lessons, courses and clinics for children and adults, beginners and advanced riders. We are federated with FEERJ and the Desempenho Equestrian Team takes part in state competitions in jumping and dressage.

  • Our traditional “Holidays on Horseback” camp attracts children and teenagers from all over Brazil, who learn about equestrian and environmental culture by experiencing a union with nature through the horse.

  • Riding at the Desempenho Riding School is very different from that at a riding club because the students can interact with the horses all day in their natural environment. Contact with the animals is not limited exclusively to lessons on the track. As well as the theoretical and practical lessons, you’ll also go on trails in fields, mountains, forests and dirt roads, crossing rivers and passing through all kinds of natural terrain.

  • Lessons for adults, even beginners, involve full scientific knowledge of how the human and equine nervous systems interact during riding. When you learn how your senses adjust with the horse’s senses and vice versa, and learn in practice how to control and adjust to the animal’s movements, equestrian improvement is greatly accelerated.

In short, we aim to teach our students to become centaurs and nature lovers.


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