The Benefits of Horse Riding

In addition to the pleasure of riding and living with animals, horseback riding is a unique tool for shaping your body and mind. More and more scientific studies are confirming the unique benefits of horseback riding.

1) The horse makes you a better person

Anyone who wants to advance in riding needs to learn to communicate differently. The horse helps you open up your non-verbal communication channels and find a deeper connection with nature. You will develop your empathy, learn to lead through persuasion and trust, and improve your focus and patience.

Imagem da coleção de selos de Instituto Homo Caballus

2) The horse improves your physical health

  • To become a “centaur” who seems to form an ensemble with the horse, you work on:

  • your core muscles (abdominals, back, hips, thighs) to maintain a balanced posture

  • your balance so that you don’t get in the horse’s way

  • your coordination to guide the horse more and more imperceptibly

  • your mental agility (tact) to feel and follow the horse’s movement and mind

3) The horse trains its ability to solve problems and improvise

A horse has a mind of its own and reacts quickly, but prefers to follow someone who knows how to resolve the situation. Unexpected things can happen and you’ll have to make quick and fair decisions to maintain your partner’s trust.

4) The horse improves your mental well-being

A horse is a social animal just like us, it likes company and won’t tell its secrets. It helps to open people’s minds.

5) You make new friends with horses

Horse lovers find many new friends all over the world.

 6) Horses help you compete

In the world of horses, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, a child or an adult.

7) Being with horses is fun and relaxing

After a good ride, your stress will disappear and you’ll feel immense satisfaction.




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