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Jumping is one of the most popular equestrian activities. Desempenho is a great place to start and perfect this sport.

The aim of show jumping is to complete an obstacle course without faults and within a time limit. The course offers different types of obstacles, which are placed in lines, combinations and curves. The course is set up according to the level of the set and can be seen as a test where each obstacle is a question. As well as knocking down the obstacle, faults can also be a scrap, a detour or going over the time limit.

Before jumping, the student must have a training base. They need to have balance and know how to apply the key aids for driving a horse in the three gaits (walk, trot, canter).

Gymnastics workout, good for all levels.

At school level, the courses vary from 40 cm (beginner) to 90 cm (preparatory). In addition to the height and width of the jump, the combination of obstacles also becomes more difficult. The Desempenho School aims to teach students technique (reading and correcting distance, turns and jump approach), lightness (sporting position and following the jump) and confidence.

Jumping training includes flat work, cavaletti exercises (pole on the ground), jumping gymnastics and courses. We also do cross training, which boosts confidence.

From 1 meter you compete in open categories, but there are prizes according to the rider’s age. It’s important to have a horse at your disposal that is up to this challenge, which generally requires a greater investment.

The highest level is the Grand Prix level, where you jump obstacles up to 160 cm high and 200 cm wide.

Jumping and Dressage Desenpenho Team

Desempenho students have the opportunity to be part of our jumping and dressage team and take part in the state competitions for riding schools organized by FEERJ. The Desempenho team has had great results over the years and several of our students have gone on to succeed at higher levels and/or become professionals.


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