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The “cross” is part of the Complete Equestrian Competition (CCE), an Olympic sport. The CCE has its origins in military horsemanship. Its aim is to test the aptitude, skill and courage of riders and horses.

Salto no Cross durante Jogos Olimpicos do Rio de Janeiro (Ariane Janér)

Aptitude, Ability and Courage

The competition has 3 phases or tests:

1) A Dressage test which assesses whether the horse is obedient.

2) A Cross-Country race that tests the horse’s courage and stamina by taking it over a long distance in natural terrain with fixed obstacles within a time limit.

3) A Jumping event that assesses the horse’s soundness and recovery after the cross country.

At Fazenda Desempenho we have a cross country course and natural obstacles, which allow us to teach our students to develop into complete riders.

Jumping training includes flat work, cavaletti exercises (pole on the ground), jumping gymnastics and courses. We also do cross training, which boosts confidence.

From 1 meter you compete in open categories, but there are prizes according to the rider’s age. It’s important to have a horse at your disposal that is up to this challenge, which generally requires a greater investment.

The highest level is the Grand Prix level, where you jump obstacles up to 160 cm high and 200 cm wide.

Every year we organize clinics with Claudia Leschonski, a veterinarian, trainer and CCE competitor.


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